Sustainable Farm - What we have done for responsibility?

We have started participating Sustainable Travel Finland -programme in 2019. The programme focus on making travel companies more environment friendly, and financially and socially responsible.

(If You are interested about STF, You can check more info from or

In this project we have made followed things:

In 2019 - 2020

We made our Petting Zoo visiting and Horse Riding Safaris more safe and more quality.

We started better recycling.
We checked all our chemicals what we use and put them all to a safe cabinet.
We learned to tell more about our programme work in social media.

In 2020-2021

We continued work for Sustainable Travel Finland -programme.
We educated our staff more for responsible working.
We stopped using peat in our animal stables and changed it to straw and sawdust.

In 2021-2022 (what we will do...)               

We want to develop our little shop in our office.
We will start to fix our Petting Zoo and Horse Stable Buildings more customer friendly.
We will use big tractor less.
We will make our animal's manure storage more environment friendly.

In 2022 ->

We will develop our Green Care -services.