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Have you dreamed about riding?
We have different Horse Safaris for all kind of riders at Tahko Farm. You don't have to be experienced rider! Children, adults and senior people can ride.

We have different breeds of horses. They are all kind and well-behaving. We ride near Tahko Farm in amazing nature of Tahko. If You don't want to ride further, We can ride also at Farm's Riding area.

You can loan riding equipments from the Farm. Please take only Your warm sportwear!

Short Riding

Riding especially for novices and children. 10 minutes or 20 minutes nearby the Farm. The Guide leads a horse, You can enjoy the horse's moving and warmth!

10,-/10 min OR 20,-/20 min


Adults can come to the Longer Horse Safaris. You can lead a horse yourself. Although You would be very novice You can ride because the Guide can lead riders without horse and help You. We ride at a leisurely pace, walking. You 

If You are more experienced rider, the Guide comes and also ride by own horse.

Our Guide leads all riding groups (both novices AND experienced)! 

Horse Safaris (Activity time includes mounting, riding and dismounting a horse)

MiniSafari 30 min

The Guide leads rider by walking. Especially for children and novice adults.

Price: 27,-/person

Easy Safari 1 hour

1 hour Horse Safari is suitable especially for novice adults. We ride near the Tahko Farm in amazing nature of Tahko. You can enjoy a nature and horses at the same time! The Guide can walk without a horse or ride with You.

Price: 37,-/person

Horse Safari for Experienced Riders 1 hour 

This Horse Safari is suitable especially for experienced riders. You are experienced rider, if You can hold your horse well on every paces! We ride near the Tahko Farm in amazing nature of Tahko. We can ride a little faster than novices! The Guide rides with You by own horse.

Price: 37,-/person

Cancelling Your Booking

If You have to cancel Your booked activity, please text or write an e-mail. You have to make it before 48 hours when Your activity is starting. If You don't do that, we can demand compensation about booked activity (the whole price of that activity).