Petting Zoo

Tahko Farm's special activity is The Self-Guided Farm Tour. You can feed and pet lovely Finnish Farm animals! In winter they are inside at their own home "Animal Living Room". In summer our animals are outdoors at their corrals. This experience is unbelievable and You get very nice memories for You with our animals. We are open every day. Please check our Opening Hours.

Farm's Horse Safaris

We have different Horse Safaris for all kind of riders at Tahko Farm. You don't have to be experienced rider! Children, adults and senior people can ride. Different riders we have own groups. We ride near Tahko Farm in amazing nature of Tahko. If You don't want to ride further, We can ride also at Farm's Riding area. Please check Our page "Horse Safaris" to get more info.

Mini ATV-driving

Here your children can test Mini ATV driving. The Guide gives You information and Your child can drive himself in the Farm's driving area.

You can move at the Farm also by wheelchair or baby carriage!