In "The Mystery of Silja" - Escape Room You get to solve a secret of the missing horse groom Silja.  


Teenager horselover girl Silja spend all of her free time in the Pony Stable. One evening Silja didn't come back home. Silja's parents became worried. They gone to search her but Silja stayed lost. What has happened to Silja? Where is the lovely horsegirl? The Parents became tired to searching... They wanted to call The Police.

That was not a good thing for the Pony Stable because the reputation. Silja's dad decided also to ask help for Silja's friends. Did they can help??            

You and Your friends get to jump straight to That Story's heart. Silja's dad gives 1 hour to You to solve Silja's secret. You search clues, open locks and solve many other tasks in Horse Groom's room. You will solve Silja's secret OR NOT (...then that secret remains the secret forever...)!   

Time: About 1 hour

Price:   70 euros    / 1-2 person
    90 euros    / 3 person
    100 euros  / 4 person
    (Bigger groups by the offer)

(NOTICE! This Group Game is in the Farm. Some items can cause allergic reactions for animal allergic persons.)