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You can meet our lovely and kind Finnish Farm animals (lazy sheep, amazing donkeys, clever goats, shy alpacas, loose-tongued ducks, pecking chickens, cute cats, chunky minipigs, lovely bunnies and energetic dogs) in Tahko Farm.

On the Self-Guided Farm Tour You can get to know our kind animals. You can feed and pet them, and You can see their normal life and typical behaving. They all live on the herd with their friends.  

You can get new amazing memories with our unbelievable animals!


you can come to the Self-Guided Farm Tour without booking when we are open (please check our Opening Hours). You can feed and pet real Finnish Farm animals! You get instructions and feeds from the Farm's Office. Under 12 year children only with adults! 

One time ticket:

Price: 6,-/person (under 2 year child is free)

Farm Wristband:

You can come Farm to the Self-Guided Farm Tour as many time as You want (1-3 days or 4-7 days) during Your holiday.


1-3 days 10,-/person

4-7 days 15 ,-/person

Under 2 year can come free.